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Melanie Schmidt, Timpano strategy consultant

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Melanie Schmidt founded the firm in 2003 to leverage the combined power of strategy, systems, process, and people. She brings over 25 years of applied experience as an executive adviser plus a Master's Degree in organizational development and a Lean Six Sigma green belt. Melanie is a gifted strategist, masterful facilitator, practical planner, systems thinker, creative problem-solver and someone who believes that clear and consistent communication can help organizations overcome challenges to thrive. Clients who find themselves in a situation that requires a shift -- in thinking and approach -- engage Timpano Consulting to move beyond business as usual with a clear basis for decision making and a platform for communication.


What's in a Name?

The name reflects the approach. Timpano is an Italian dish, an exquisite main course combining an array of ingredients in the form of complete recipes layered into a kettle-shaped cooking vessel. Preparation takes days. Serving requires a delving from the top layer to the bottom and back up again. Enjoyment is best with many people. The same can be said of effective organizations and of collaborative arrangements. And, the owner loves cooking.

  • he who rejects change is the architect of decay

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