Clients & Comments

A Representative List of Clients

• Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
• EuroRSCG
• Forward Community Investments
• The Joy Trip Project
• Literacy Network
• Madison Youth Choirs
• National Alliance on Mental Illness
• Northwest Wis. Manufacturing Outreach Center
• Urban & Economic Development Authority of Wis.
• Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
• Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association
• Wisconsin Literacy
• Wisconsin Public Health Association


"You took us to a place that we never could have gotten to by ourselves. In fact, where we were headed is exactly where we didn't want to go."

"We are deeply involved in the execution of the planning document you helped create. This plan is wonderful because we are actually following through on our goals and maintain frequent revisits and updates."

"It has been such a joy to work with you. You have contributed so much to our organization -- I can't wait to see where we are three years from now."

"Melanie's comments are on the mark and her patience and insights are key to her abilty to deliver actionable ideas and results."

"Exceeded expectations -- a far better experience than past attempts at strategic planning."

"Melanie was very responsive to our needs and able to sort our our root cause issues..."

"I wasn't sure what to think at first, but Melanie's energy and activities were all appropriate and contagious. Group facilitation was done well!"

"I was surprised that they were willing to work within our very small budget."

"Thanks, Melanie, for your guidance on tactful and appropriate communication."

"All her strategies worked well to build teamwork and group consensus, which we needed! I feel that our board is more of a team since Melanie's facilitation than we ever have been."

"The summary with actual timeline guidelines and tasks was very helpful to launch us into the strategic planning mode."

"The outcome for our project was amazing. All the options shows a clear understanding of our business."

"You listened to our needs, fast delivery, quick study on our organization and its needs, positive energy."

"You did such a nice job pulling all of this together in something that has such depth philosophically and provides a path to realize the meaning of the organization. Can't wait to dig in."

"Thanks for getting us organized and for managing this difficult and delicate project."

The Approach - as described by clients:

• Very flexible, fun, creative and dynamic
• Very, very user friendly
• Strong in communication & pushing us to think differently
• Energizing
• Thorough and intuititve
• Organic and custom, while still providing structure


Consider the benefit of bringing in an experienced facilitator to get things started, orchestrate action, shepherd a process, spark creative problem solving, hold your feet to the fire, or be your executive sounding board. Enjoy the value of a virtual chief of staff, interim leadership staffing, ongoing executive advising, or as-needed consultant support.


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